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Lutz Schubert

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I have been involved in the following international projects:

  • S(o)OS - Service-oriented Operating Systems
  • ECOUSS - Effiziente und offene Compiler Umgebung für Semantisch annotierte parallele Simulationen
  • BREIN - Business objective driven REliable and Intelligent grids for real busiNess
  • CoSpaces - Innovative Collaborative Work Environment for Design and Engineering
  • TrustCoM - An environment for trust, security and contract management in B2B collaborations
  • GrASP - Grid Application Service Provision

Scientific Interests

Over the last years, my research orientation has changed from Web Services to Operating Systems:

2009 Modular Operating Systems

In particular the monolithic and hierarchical structure of current operating systems thereby prevents that the individual cores / compute nodes are exploited to their maximum: loss occurs through communication overhead, OS jitter, incompatibility with new processor models etc. The Modular OS research builds on the lessons learned from Service Oriented Architectures, Distributed Systems and High Performance Computing to devise a new, modular microkernel operating system architecture that fits into the individual core’s cache along with the main execution environment of process segments.

Research Areas:

  • Operating System Architectures
  • Automatic code parallelisation, concurrency identification
  • Intelligent code / data segmentation & distribution
  • Resource analysis
  • Distributed execution

Related Projects:

  • S(o)OS


2008 Holistic Infrastructures

The classical layered architecture model can not deal efficiently with the replication of concerns across various levels of the stack: progress is being made on all these layers individually thus leading to an increasing degree of divergence between them and implicitly to usage problems across. 

Research Areas:

  • Merging software stacks
  • Conflict identification and resolution
  • Invocation across stacks

Related Projects:



2006 Messaging Infrastructures

A specific obstacle to further uptake of the Grid infrastructures consists in the inefficiency of the messaging systems: interoperability and standard interfaces come at the cost of communication overhead.

Research Areas:

  • Pubscribe messaging
  • Push & pull modes of delivery
  • Gateway based filtering and routing

Related Projects:

  •  TrustCoM


2004 SLA Management

Service provisioning over the web is essentially identical to any business relationship. Accordingly, the provider has to maintain a certain quality in exchange for the payment received.

Research Areas:

  • Resource monitoring
  • Automated reaction to monitoring events according to contracts
  • Legal aspects of electronic contracts
  • Pre-emptive monitoring to prevent contract breaches

Related Projects:

  • GrASP
  • TrustCoM




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