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Eugen Volk

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This website is no longer updated from 01.04.2014. To contact me, please visit my LinkedIn profile

Selected Research Projects during my time at HLRS


  • Technical Coordinator of the collaborative EU project CoolEmAll - realizing Platform for Optimising the Design and Operation of Modular Configurable IT Infrastructures and Facilities with Resource-Efficient Cooling.
  • Technical Coordinator of the national (BMBF) research project TIMaCS (Tools for Intelligent System Management of Very Large Computing Systems) - realizing knowledge based management tools for next generation computing systems.
  • Technical Coordinator of the Business Experiment AgroGRID (under the umbrella of the BEinGRID project), designing and implementing a portal based solution with services for the composition and monitoring of dynamic supply-chains in agriculture food industries using Grid technology.
  • BEinGRID (Business Experiments in Grid) project - to foster the adoption of the Next Generation Grid technologies by the realization of several business experiments and the creation of a toolset repository of Grid middleware upper layers.

Scientific Interests

  • Business Policy based resource management 
  • Knowledge based System Management
  • Intelligent and adaptive Service Infrastructures
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Energy efficient computing


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