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AccessGrid Information page

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This webpage is intended to provide basic information for operating and connecting your AccessGrid client, either version 2.4 or 3.x, to the servers at HLRS. You find the connection information a

VenueServer connection information

To connect to the HLRS venue server please use the following URLs dependent on the version of AccessGrid you wish to use:

For AG2.4 use the URL:

For AG3.0.2 use the URL:

Both servers provide the same venue structure. Each equally named venue is based on the same multicast group on both server URLs, which means that AccessGrid 2.4 users as well as AccessGrid 3.0.2 users can do video and audio conferencing with each other through the HLRS servers. AccessGrid unicast bridging for AccessGrid 2.4 With the change to the new server on, also the bridging service moved over to this machine where a new bridge is being run named "AGServer-Bridge, HLRS, University of Stuttgart, Germany".

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As a conclusion out of this the entry in dialog box to select the desirred bridge, is exactly this entry.

AccessGrid unicast bridging for AccessGrid 3 For AccessGrid 3 the unicast bridging system changed noticably. In contrast to selecting a bridge manually the VenueClient can perform this for you on a distance metric. Furthermore bridging of any venue is now possible on the fly, as the new bridge server creates an individual bridging service based on the actual request of a VenueClient.

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This however has the drawback that it relies on dynamic port allocation for the bridging service. That implies that every particpiant has to have open ports in the range used by the selected bridge server. For the HLRS bridge server for AccessGrid 3.0.2 a port range from 47360 up to 49919 is used. Ensuring that the HLRS bridge is used can be done by expcilitly selecting the appropriate menu entry in the "Tools" menu.

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