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Christoph Niethammer

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High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)
Research Group Scalable Programming Models & Tools

Nobelstr. 19
D - 70569 Stuttgart

Phone:+49 (0)711 / 685-87203
Fax:+49 (0)711 / 685-65832
Email:niethammer [at]


Active projects:

  • ParaPhrase (Parallel Patterns for Adaptive Heterogeneous Multicore Systems)
  • CRESTA (Collaborative Research into Exascale Systemware, Tools and Applications)
  • Open MPI
  • OpenMP validation suite
  • CMD (Molecular Dynamics code)
  • Temanejo (Graphical debugger for graph based programming models)

Past projects:

  • IMEMO (Innovative HPC-Methoden und Einsatz für hochskalierbare Molekulare Simulation)
  • TEXT (Towards EXascale ApplicaTions)

Scientific Interests

  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Highly scalable applications and tools for homogeneous and heterogeneous platforms
  • Parallel programming models and languages (MPI, OpenMP, UPC, StarSs, ...)
  • Quantum Physics and Optics

Student research projects

Interested in a student research project? Current topics include: 

  • Optimization of parallel Applications - from instruction level to PFLOP HPC systems 
  • Study of new architectures
  • Molecular Dynamics


Past student research projects:

  • André Füssel - Molecular Dynamics Visualization and Interaction with COVISE