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MD & LBM exercises 2008/2009

GSI-SSHTerm Java Webstart Applikation Link

Materials for the 1. exercise:

program for parallelisation : pi.c 

slides to the OpenMP introduction (german): openmp.pdf

Materials for the 2. exercise:

slides (MD): uebung2.pdf

Materials for the 3. exercise:

slides (MD): uebung3.pdf

Simple Molecular Dynamics Code (with some omissions):

  without online visualization: smdExercise.tar.gz

  with online visualization: uebung3.tar.bz2

Materials for the 4. exercise:

slides (MPI course): uebung4.pdf

Materials for the 5. exercise:

slides (Cell Programming): uebung5.pdf

Sample Code: cellExercise.tar.gz

Materials for the 6. exercise:

slides (LBM): uebung6.pdf

Simple Lattice Boltzmann Code (with some omissions): yalb-uebung6.tar.gz

Materials for the 7. exercise:

slides (parallel LBM): uebung7.pdf

Simple Lattice Boltzmann Code (with some omissions): yalb-uebung7.tar.gz