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Axel Tenschert

Firstname and Lastname

High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)
Department Service Management & Business Processes

Nobelstr. 19
D - 70569 Stuttgart

Phone:++49(0)711 / 685-87201
Fax:++49(0)711 / 685-65832


Current Projects:

  • bwHPC-C5 - Coordinated Compute Cluster Competence Centers: bwHPC-C5
  • ECO2Clouds - Experimental Awareness of CO2 in Federated Could Sourcing: ECO2Clouds
  • BonFIRE - Building service testbeds for Future Internet Research and Experimentation: BonFIRE


Past Projects:

  • OPTIMIS - Optimized Infrastructure Services: OPTIMIS
  • Semiramis - Secure Management of Information across multiple Stakeholders
  • plugIT - Business and IT Alignment using Model-Based Plug-In Framework: plugIT
  • LarKC - The Large Knowledge Collider: LarKC
  • SLA4D-Grid - Service Level Agreements für das D-Grid: SLA4D-Grid
  • FinGrid - Financial Business Grid: FinGrid


Scientific Interests

  • Distributed Computing: Grids and federated Clouds
  • Web Services: SOA, Java Web Services
  • Large Semantic Data: Ontology Matching and Reasoning





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Tenschert, A.; Kotsiopoulos, I.: Text-Content-Analysis: Text-Content-Analysis based on the Syntactic Correlations between Ontologies, Proceedings of the Mardi Gras Conference 2008 (Baton Rouge, USA, January/February 2008)