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Mhd. Amer Wafai

High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS)
Department of Scalable Computing & Optimization Methods (SCOPE)


Nobelstr. 19
D - 70569 Stuttgart

Phone:+49(0)711 / 685-65890
Fax:+49(0)711 / 685-65832
Email:lastname at hlrs dot de

Research Interest

  • GPGPUs
  • Sparse Solvers


  • Mhd. Amer Wafai. Sparse matrix vector multiplications on graphic pro- cessors. Master’s thesis, University of Stuttgart, Nobelstr. 19, 70569, Stuttgart, Nov. 2009.
  • Mhd. Amer Wafai, Zaheer Ahmed, Rainer Keller, Sven Holzmann, Bjo ̈rn Sander, and Michael Resch. Optimization of industrial neural network simulators for gpgpus. In Dickson K. W. Chiu, Minhong Wang, Elvira Popescu, Qing Li, and Rynson Lau, editors, New Horizons in Web Based Learning, volume 7697 of LNCS, pages 21–29. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, December 2011.
  • Mhd. Amer Wafai, Colin W. Glass, and Christoph Niethammer. Portable codes on new hpc architectures. In Rainer Keller, David Kramer, and Jan- Philipp Weiß, editors, Facing the Multicore-Challenge III 2012, volume 7686 of LNCS, pages 133–134. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, September 2012.
  • Colin W. Glass, Steffen Reiser, G ́abor Rutkai, Stephan Deublein, Andreas Ko ̈ster, Gabriela Guevara-Carrion, Martin Horsch Amer Wafai, Martin Bernreuther, Thorsten Windmann, Hans Hasse, and Jadran Vrabec. ms2: A molecular simulation tool for thermodynamic properties, new version release. An International Journal and Program Library for Computational Physics and Physical Chemistry, 185(12):3302–3306, July 2014.
  • Dariusz Kro ́l, Michal Orzechowski, Jacek Kitowski, Christoph Nietham- mer, Anthony Sulistio, and Amer Wafai. A cloud-based data farming platform for molecular dynamics simulations. In Utility and Cloud Com- puting (UCC), pages 579 – 584. IEEE, December 2014.
  • C. Brown, V. Janjic, K. Hammond, C. Glass K. Idrees, M. A. Wafai, M. Goli, and J. McCall. Bridging the divide: A new methodology for semi- automatic programming of heterogeneous parallel machines. Computer Science: Research and Development (CSRD), 2015.
  • Nikola Tchipev, Amer Wafai, Colin W. Glass, Wolfgang Eckhardt, Alex- ander Heinecke, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, and Philipp Neumann. Opti- mized force calculation of molecular dynamics simulations for the intel xeon phi. In Jesper Larsson Tra ̈ff, Sascha Hunold, and Francesco Ver- saci, editors, Euro-Par 2015: Parallel Processing, volume 9233 of LNCS, Vienna, Austria, August 2015.