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Science Experimental Grid Laboratory

Execution: From 2010-04-01

SEGL is an instrument for describing, validating, starting, monitoring, dispatching and analyzing large science and industrial high-performance computing experiments.

To describe experiments SEGL provides GriCol - Grid Concurrent Language - which represents whole experiment as a set of blocks and links on the top level (control flow level) and modules with transitions on the data flow level. SEGL uses wrapping principles to execute some jobs on high-performance computers (your legacy code). For example if you have some job that you should run on remote machine - so you will wrap this script into Solver element of GriCol. You also have ability to do parameter studies by dividing your job execution on an array of datasets. You may specify a list of input datafiles and according to the input file masks SEGL will determine how many runs will be done. Also you may specify a fixed datasets' number.

SEGL is an open source project.

For more information please contact segl-team[at] or visit the project website at