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Industrial Services

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As federal high performance computing center, HLRS provides services to the universities and public research in Germany and Europe. Additionally, industrial clients can use the HLRS high performance computing systems for a competitive price.

Commercial services of HLRS include in particular:


In addition to the HLRS offering the HWW (Höchstleistungsrechner für Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft Betriebsgesellschaft mbH) provides access to the high performance computing systems of Baden-Württemberg for industrial users.

The Sicos BW GmbH offers support for all small and medium-sized industrial clients that would like to learn more about the advantages of using high performance computers in their field of business.

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Usage of HLRS Computer &
Consult in using HLRS Computer

HLRS provides the opportunity for using the available high performance Computer to enterprises. Thereby scientific applications in various disciplines have priority. Our target is to increase the usage of high performance computing systems for development in the context of engineering and to open up new application areas.

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Hardware Platforms at HLRS
Access rules are similar to the rules/restrictions for research, see 
 Access & Usage Models 

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Also industrial users can join the extensive scientific training program of HLRS (see Events, and Workshops at HLRS or in co-operation with HLRS). In most units, the key issue for the success is the combination of teaching and hands-on sessions.

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The Visualization Department of HLRS supports engineers and scientists in the visual analysis of data typically produced by simulations on high performance computers. The increasing complexity of simulation models and size of datasets resulted in longer analysis times. Instead users want to comprehend fast the meaning behind datasets and get insight into their simulation models. This team provides visualization methods and technologies to reduce analysis time. Improved analysis possibilities are offered by immersing users into visual representations of their data and allowing them direct interaction with the data. The services of the Visualization Department can also be offered to industrial users.

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General Consulting

The HLRS provides consulting in all areas of high performance computing, e.g., on:

  • Benchmarking of HPC platforms
  • Efficient numerical programming
  • Efficient numerical libraries
  • Parallelization of simulation software, e.g., with MPI or OpenMP, or hybrid with MPI+OpenMP
  • Optimization of parallelized applications
  • Tools for profiling and debugging of parallel software
  • Grid software


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