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Billed Usage for Academic Users on all HLRS Platforms


  • In each institute/department there's a single contact person (Institute's Administrator), who takes care of all the following.
  • If there's nobody yet, someone has to be nominated. Please use this  contact-form to define the contact person.
  • The contact person has access to the administration interface (password restricted).
  • Through this interface, the contact person can define new projects and new user-logins.
  • Accounting is done through projects. Each user is associated to a default project. A user can have billed projects as well as reviewed projects simultaneously.
  • Each project is associated with a group id, a group name, and an account name.
  • The account name is identical to the group name.
  • The default project is defined by the default group id.
  • If a user is logged-in to a system he/she can use the command id to see all group ids and associated group names.
  • With each compute job submission, the accounting project can be specified. Please see the online documentation for more information.
  • If a user is associated with more than one project, the user is responsible to always use the correct project.
          There's no retroactive change of the project affiliation fo a job.


Billing category:

    The HLRS-platforms are billed according to the categories and the rules in the "Entgeltordnung" together with the "Ordnung zur Änderung der Entgeltordnung"

As service, we provide an unofficial consolidated version of the "Entgeltordnung"


Budget at University of Stuttgart:

  Members of the Universität Stuttgart might already have a computing budget as part of the institute's budget. Institutes of the Universität Stuttgart, can apply for a computing budget at the central administration of the university (Dezernat V, Finanzen)