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Free test access      
   You can get a free account on the National Supercomputers for testing your software and preparing a proposal for a research project. Access from outside Europe (EU) is restricted.

Rules for the test-account     
    To get a test account, the following rules must be explicitly commited in the form below:

  • Test accounts can be given only to members of European (EU) public research institutions.
  • The free test accounts are limited. You can consume a resource contingent worth approx. 1000 Euros on the granted hardware platforms (NEC Nehalem Cluster, NEC Nehalem Cluster with GPGPU nodes, Cray XE6). The project time is limited to 6 months.
  • The account may be used only for testing of your software on our platforms.
  • It must not be used for production.
  • For production you can get an account via our regular access interface.
  • To access our compute server by ssh, we need the IP address of your PC / workstation, that must be secure and which you will use to login into our compute server.
  • You can give us an additional IP address (must be a also secure system) that you can use e.g. as your filestore.
  • Restrictions: You are responsible for the security on the systems with these IP addresses. Multi-user host are not allowed. Only systems are valid that are assigned to dedicated users.
  • You get a personal account that must not be given to any other person.
  • Nationals of the countries Afghanistan, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria and persons from organisations of these countries are not allowed to use our platforms, nor to request such a test account, and the accounts (e.g. the test account that you will receive) must not be handed out to nationals or organisations of these contries.
  • It is forbidden to use our platforms for research and development of NBC weapons.
  • In the case of violation against these rules, the owner of the account will be fully responsible for compensation payments (German translation: Bei Nichtbeachtung dieser Bestimmungen oder Mißbrauch ist der betreffende Benutzer (natürliche oder juristische Person) in vollem Umfang schadenersatzpflichtig).
  • The rules of the access restriction page and the rules in the forms of the computing center (Abrechnungsnummer, Benutzernummer and Passwort) are part of this contract.

To apply for a test-account please contact us by sending an email to testaccount[at] with the subject "Testaccount at HLRS".