Academic Users

System Access for Academic Users

There are several opportunities to get access to the available systems at HLRS and its partners:

HLRS Systems

Research Access to HLRS HPC Systems through Review Procedure
All German researchers: for projects requiring large scale HPC systems

Billed Usage for Academic Users on all HLRS Platforms
All users willing to pay: for projects with third party funding and local projects

Test Access
Free test account for large scale projects

Legal Requirements
Regulations for all users accessing the HLRS infrastructure

Contact Points
For user projects regarding specific applications

Services for Active User Projects
Proposal, review and trouble ticket submission forms

Partner Systems of HLRS

PRACE Infracstructure
Non-German European public research: for projects that either include European partners or are led by non-German European scientists

University of Stuttgart researchers: for small scale projects from institutions of the University of Stuttgart

Researchers in the state of Baden-Württemberg: for small scale projects of special fields as specified by the bwHPC concept.