Test Access for large Scale Projects

Free test access

You can get a free account on the National Supercomputers at HLRS for testing your software and preparing a proposal for a research project. Access from outside Europe (EU) is restricted.

Rules for the test account

To get a test account, the following rules must be explicitly committed in the form below:

  • Test accounts can be given only to members of European (EU) public research institutions.
  • The free test accounts are limited. You can consume a resource contingent of 400.000 core-hours on the granted hardware platforms. In the calculation of the used compute time, the node hours are always multiplied with the available number of cores, i.e., unused cores will also be charged
  • The project time is limited to 6 months. If you don't apply for a follow-up project within this period then your project will be canceled and all data will be removed.
  • The account may be used only for testing of your software on our platforms.
  • It must not be used for production.
  • For production you can get an account via our regular access interface

How to apply

To apply for a test account on the compute platforms of HLRS you have to apply for a ''test'' project through the GCS submission tool  with the resource limits mentioned above.

Your proposal file should describe your project. This can be short in the case of applying for a test account. A full description will be needed when you apply for a "Follow on Proposal" that should go through the scientific review process.