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HLRS offers a variety of services to industry and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) way beyond plain HPC resource provisioning. Organizations like SICOS BW GmbH and HWW GmbH have been established by HLRS to support to-the-point industrial/SME interactions.


What does it need to get access to the systems?
Industrial usage requires an established contract between HLRS and the end user. To create user accounts on HLRS/HWW systems, this form has to be filled in, printed, signed and sent to HLRS on postal way.

How secure is my data?
HLRS/HWW has a security concept, which was developed with our industrial customers.

Access and data transfer is done via encrypted protocols only (ssh). The compute nodes are disk-less and the common file systems offer permissions for read and write access of directory and files.

How quick can I access the machines?
The access can be set up quite fast, if the requirements are met (see forms in the first question).

How flexible can I use the system?
Compute nodes can be allocated for interactive or batch usage.

How big does a project need to be? When is it too small?
The contract contains an approximate declaration of the project size. The projects should not be too small to limit the percentual size of the overhead work.

How can I get support?
HLRS staff will help you with problems regarding the systems or usage. Communication is typically done via phone, email and a ticket system.

Where do I get the licenses for my needed software?
The required licenses have to be provided by the user. A license server can be hosted

  • by the user
  • by the software vendor (ISV)
  • by HLRS

Details need to be discussed with HLRS staff.

What kind of software can I use?
The software has to run on a Linux cluster or natively on the provided systems.

If I already own the software, can I run my code remotely?
Commands on the HLRS/HWW systems can be executed remotely via ssh.

How do I access the machines? How can I start my simulation?
Remote login is granted with the secure shell (ssh) mechanism. The clients will be unlocked in the HLRS/HWW firewalls.



What are the costs of using HLRS machines?
Except the SMP large memory nodes, the compute nodes will be allocated to a single user (no shared usage) and charged for the time used by the user (number of nodes * walltime of usage * nodeprice).

There is a schedule of fees (Entgeltordnung) which defines the costs also defining the prices for industrial usage.

Please note:
HLRS does not offer software licenses for industrial usage.


If you need detailed information about the legal conditions and the prices for the use of our supercomputers please contact:

Agnes Lampke, Deputy Director


+49 (0) 711 / 685-87210

If you need general information about our industry services for Enterprises and SMEs please contact our subsidiary SICOS BW GmbH:

Dr. Ing. Andreas Wierse, Managing Director



+49 (0) 711 / 217-28 280

Nobelstr. 19
70569 Stuttgart

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