Visual debugging for task-parallelism

Temanejo started as a graphical debugger for the task-parallel, data-dependency-driven programming model SMPSs. The foremost goal was to display the task-dependency graph of SMPSs applications, and to allow simple interaction with the SMPSs runtime system in order to control some aspects of the parallel execution of an application.

Since then, we aim at supporting any programming model that can meaningfully define the concepts of task and dependencies between those, respectively. Notably, this includes OpenMP and MPI, i.e. the working horses in high-performance computing. Today, Temanejo is able to assist debugging (to varying extent) for the programming models SMPSs, OmpSs, StarPU, PaRSEC and OpenMP.

Temanejo actually is only the graphical frontend. Most of the real work is done by a library called Ayudame which is used to receive information, so called events, from supporting runtime systems, and to excert control over a runtime system by issuing request to it.

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