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Access and Usage Models

Please find more information in the online documentation of your selected system.


Access to the HLRS compute servers is possible using following methods

  • Grid access via Unicore within DEISA project
    or Globus Toolkit 4 (on the bwGRiD cluster only)
  • Interactive access using ssh

other protocols like telnet, rsh ... are not supported.

Grid-only users may be restricted to Unicore/GT4 access only. To get full support we strongly recommend to file a project proposal. This includes interactive access via ssh, which is helpful for program development and porting tasks.

How to get an account



In general three types of jobs are supported

  • Interactive  This jobs are intended for small tests and development tasks like debugging. Resources,  like number of nodes, memory, cpu-time are very limited for this type of jobs. 
  • Batch Jobs This type of jobs is used for production runs
  • Heterogenous Jobs This special type of batch jobs utilizes multiple type of execution nodes within a job. For example some Vector nodes and PC-Cluster nodes.

Data Handling

The user HOME space is limited in terms of size and performance. Computational jobs run inside a Work_space. This Work_space is for active projects only and has a limited life time. If a project gets inactive for some reason, the user has to save its data to an archive system e.g. HLRS-HPSS.

Mailing List

to provide users with important information about HWW systems like announcements, problems, emergency maintenance, the following mailinglist has been established:


To subscribe resp. unsubscribe from this list please visit