Cray XE6 (Hermit)

Please note:

The Cray XE6 (Hermit) is now out of production.
The next generation of Cray supercomputer Cray XC40 system has been installed.

Technical Description

Peak performance1.045 PFlops
Cabinets38 with 96 nodes each
Number of compute nodes3,552
Number of compute coresper node 2 sockets with 16 cores each: 113,664
Number of service nodes96
Processor compute nodesDual Socket AMD Interlagos @ 2.3GHz 16 cores each
Memory/node32 GB and 64 GB
Disk capacity2.7 PB
Node-node interconnectCray Gemini
Special nodesExternal Access Nodes, Pre & Post Processing Nodes, Remote Visualization Nodes
Power consumption2 MW maximum
Cray XE6 (Hermit)
(Copyright: HLRS)
Cray XE6 (Hermit) (Copyright: HLRS)