NEC Cluster (Vulcan)

Please note:

This Cluster builds a heterogenous computing platform of 2 independent clusters.

Technical Description

Clusters2 (Vulcan)
Number of nodes751 of different types (Memory, CPU, Disk, Accelerators)
Processor typesNehalem (X5560, X5570), SandyBridge (E5-2670), Interlagos (6238)
Memory/node12, 24, 32, 48, 64, 144, 256, 1024 GB
Disk350 TB shared scratch (lustre)
Node-node interconnectinfiniband, GigE
Accelerators 16 nodes provide NVIDIA Tesla S1070 GPGPU
Graphical Pre & Post Processing nodes 5 nodes provide NVIDIA Quadro 5800FX graphics card
Pre & Post Processing8 nodes have local scratch disk installed (2, 4, 6 TB), 1 node has 1TB Memory installed