NEC Cluster (Vulcan)

Please note:

This cluster offers the possibility to process standard applications from the technical scientific field. Furthermore, the system is used for pre- and post-processing tasks of the supercomputer.

Technical Description

Clusters2 (Vulcan)
Number of nodes761 of different types (Memory, CPU, Disk, Accelerators)
Processor typesHaswell, SkyLake, CascadeLake
Memory/node128, 256, 384, 762, 1024, 1536 GB
Disk500 TB
Node-node interconnectInfiniband (QDR, FDR, HDR-100), GigE, 10GigE, 40GigE
Graphical Pre & Post Processing nodesPre- and Post- Servers with different graphics units Nvidia Quadro 6000, Nvidia P100, Nvidia RTX 4000, AMD Radeon Pro WX8200
Pre & Post Processingsome nodes have local filesystems configured with different sizes and quality (NVMe / SSD) 1 ... 12TB
NEC Cluster (Vulcan, Vulcan2)
(Copyright: Boris Lehner for HLRS)
NEC Cluster (Vulcan, Vulcan2) (Copyright: Boris Lehner for HLRS)