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CRAY XC30 (Hornet)

Starting on August 13th 2014 HLRS installed a new Cray XC30 system.

We expect this system (code named “Hornet”) to go into acceptance in September and be operational in November.

The new Cray XC30 Hornet is based on a new Intel Haswell Processor and the Cray Aries network. 

HLRS has already installed a small test system early this year and we have not seen problems with moving applications from the current XE6 system to the new XC30. Therefore, we do not expect to see major problems moving our users to the new system. We currently plan to have an overlap of the XE6 (Hermit) and the XC30 (Hornet) of about 3 months.

For the migration of users we will automatically transfer account information to the new system. Hermit and Hornet will access the same file systems such that users will not have to transfer any data.



Technical description

Peak performance tba
Cabinets 21
Number of compute nodes 3944
Number of compute cores per node 2 sockets each with 12 cores (94656)
Number of service nodes 44
Processor compute nodes Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2680 v3 (30M Cache, 2.50 GHz)
Memory/node 128 GB
Disk capacity 5.4 PB
Node-node interconnect Aries
Special nodes External Access Nodes, Pre- & Postprocessing Nodes, Remote Visualization Nodes
Power consumption tba