Platforms at HLRS, Usage and Programming

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Platforms at HLRS, Usage and Programming


The course will focus on the major platforms at HLRS:

  • NEC LX-2400 (Nehalem Cluster, 62 TFlop/s, 5600 cores)
  • IBM bwGrid Cluster (46 TFlop/s)
  • NEC SX-9 (19 TFlop/s, 192 vector processor cores)
  • Cray XT5m (8.5 TFlop/s, 892 cores)
  • CUSS (Common Ulm Stuttgart Server)

General Information


Monday, March 29, 2010

Overview on HLRS Platforms -- Access, Usage and Programming

9:00 Introduction (R. Rabenseifner, HLRS)
9:15 Platforms at HLRS (Th. Beisel, HLRS)
              Hardware overview on
              NEC SX-9, Nehalem-Cluster, bwGRID Cluster, Cray XT5
9:45 Access to the Platforms at HLRS (Th. Bönisch, HLRS)
10:00 Coffee
10:30 Preparation for grid usage on bwGrid resources (talk) (J. Buchholz, HLRS)
              (includes remarks on gsissh)
11:00 Cray XT5 - Usage and Programming (Chr. Niethammer, HLRS)
11:40 Coffee
12:00 bwGrid - Usage and Programming (Martin Hecht, HLRS)
              (includes also remarks on Cell and GPU)
12:45 Lunch
13:45 NEC Nehalem Cluster - Usage and Programming (H. Berger, St. Haberhauer, NEC)
              (includes also remarks on NVIDIA/Tesla)
14:30 Coffee
15:00 NEC SX-9 at HLRS - Usage and Programming (H. Berger, NEC)
15:30 Filesystems and HPSS at HLRS (Th. Bönisch, HLRS)
16:00 Coffee
16:20 ISV-Codes and Licenses at HLRS (M. Bernreuther, HLRS)
16:50 Basics on Vectorization (S. Haberhauer, NEC)
17:20 Guided tour (H. Berger, NEC; Th. Beisel, HLRS)
18:15 End

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NEC SX-9, Vectorization and Programming

9:00 Vectorization and optimization examples (S. Haberhauer, NEC)
10:00 Practical (S. Haberhauer, NEC)
10:30 Coffee
10:45 Differences of NEC SX-8 and SX-9 (S. Haberhauer, NEC)
11:45 Coffee
12:00 Most important compiler switches F90/C++,
              how to use OpenMP and MPI on SX (S. Haberhauer, NEC)
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Filesystems, file import/export, parallel I/O on NEC SX-9 (H. Berger, NEC)
14:15 Indirect addressing, General Strategy for Code Tuning (S.Haberhauer, NEC)
              Part I (15 min)
14:30 Coffee
14:45 Indirect addressing, General Strategy for Code Tuning (S.Haberhauer, NEC)
              Part II (75 min)
16:00 Coffee
16:15 Practical (S. Haberhauer, NEC)
17:30 End




Thomas Beisel, Katharina Benkert, Jochen Buchholz, Thomas Boenisch, Christoph Niethammer, Martin Bernreuther, Martin Hecht from HLRS, and TBA from Cray and NEC


via online registration form


for registration is Mar. 25, 2009 (extended deadline)


Members of German universities and public research institutes: none,
others: 150 EUR (includes food and drink at coffee breaks, will be collected on the first day of the course, cash only)


Programming experience, and partially MPI-1

Travel-Info Stuttgart

See HLRS address and travel-info. The next public transport stations are: "Universität, Stuttgart" (S-Bahn station, 15 min on foot) and "Lauchhau, Stuttgart" (Bus station, 4 min on foot to HLRS, bus lines 84, 92, 746, 747, 748, but not 82! from S-Bahn station "Universität, Stuttgart" and bus line 81 from S-Bahn station "Stuttgart-Vaihingen").
Accomodation: see HLRS accomodation-info. Private Bed&Breakfast is also available (might be cheaper than the hotels), e.g., A DJH youth hostel is also available.
Further links: Online-Stadtplan des Stadtmessungsamtes Stuttgart or


Rolf Rabenseifner
phone 0711 685 65530