Visit of Mrs. Minister Theresia Bauer at the HLRS

16 March 2015

Mrs. Minister Theresia Bauer, Science Minister of Baden-Württemberg and newly selected "Science Minister of the Year 2015", paid the HLRS a visit in early February. Host Professor Michael M. Resch, Director of the HLRS, took Mrs. Bauer on a guided tour through the HLRS supercomputing center.

Following a visit to the data center room where Mrs. Bauer took a detailed look at the recently installed petascale supercomputer Hornet (peak performance: 3.8 Petaflops), the Minister was also introduced to Virtual and Augmented Reality.

In the HLRS simulation lab, Mrs. Bauer was given a presentation of various projects the HLRS scientists are currently working on, demonstrating the impressive visualization capabilities of the HLRS CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment). Prof. Michael M. Resch also seized the opportunity to discuss with Minister Bauer the role of High Performance Computing in science, research, and industry as well as the ever more relevant subject of education and training provided by the HLRS.

Image Copyright Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst Baden-Württemberg