COVISE and OpenCOVER Now Open Source

05 May 2015

Scientific Visualization System and Virtual Reality Renderer Released Under LGPL2+

The scientific visualization system COVISE (Collaborative Visualization and Simulation Environment) together with its renderer for immersive virtual environments OpenCOVER are now available on GitHub.

COVISE is a modular distributed system developed at HLRS since more than 20 years. It is portable to Windows, Linux and OS X. Visualization work flows are configured in a graphical pipeline editor and can span several computers. It has shown its versatility with many commercial users and in research projects at HLRS and its partners. It covers requirements of diverse branches such as automotive industry, architecture, hydraulic machinery, and archeology. It provides compatibility with more than 50 file formats such as Ensight, CFX, and StarCD.

While COVISE has render modules for desktop systems, it really shines in immersive projection systems such as CAVEs and large tiled displays. The output module OpenCOVER relies on OpenSceneGraph for its OpenGL rendering. It is also usable independent from COVISE for viewing VRML97 files, direct volume rendering of 3D TIFF image stacks, point clouds, and all file formats supported by OpenSceneGraph.

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