Lions Club at the HLRS

22 April 2016

On Friday, 22nd April, the Lions Club Leonberg visited the High Performance Computer Center (HLRS) with about 20 participants.

Prof. Dr Resch welcomed the club friends and their partners, who are especially interested in the use of the computers from HLRS, together with Dr. Wierse, director of SICOS BW, who especially looks after medium-sized companies. The guests were so interested that there was a very lively discussion which touched a large number of topics. These ranged from pure data about the fastest computer of Europe, Hazel Hen, to further developments of more and more powerful parallel systems. It seemed to be quite difficult for the participants to break away from the discussion round, however, with the indication of a viewing of the computer room and a demonstration of the virtual reality surrounding they went on to these two highlights. To see the computer in real life was already very impressive but the presentation of the applications of the 3D-CAVE was even more exciting so that the participants went home after almost three hours with newly acquired knowledge.