HLRS number two in the world for HPGMG benchmark

29 June 2016

In the recently published new HPC benchmark list HPGMG Hazel Hen is ranked as the number two system in the world. The benchmark measures a wider range of performance for state of the art multigrid methods as used in many applications. Hazel Hen was able to outperform systems like Titan (Oak Ridge National Laboratory and number 3 in the TOP500) and Piz Daint (Swiss Center for Supercomputing and ranked number 8 in the TOP500). Michael Resch, director of HLRS stated “we are happy to see that Hazel Hen outperforms much more expensive systems when it comes to real world applications and not synthetic benchmarks. I’d like to thank the team of HLRS who was able to run the benchmarks and show how a combination of hardware, software, technical skills and enthusiasm can make a difference in high performance computing”.