Big Data meets supercomputer

17 October 2016

At the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS), a project has been kicked off to combine high-performance computing (HPC) and high performance data analysis (HPDA) to tackle the subject of handling and analyzing the ever growing amount of data generated due to the continuing progress of digitization. Using its supercomputer Hazel Hen, the HLRS examines–in cooperation with project partner CRAY Computer–the potential of a new technology and suitable software for an efficient data analysis.

HPC and data analysis already play an important role e. g. in the automotive industry, where especially in the field of product development extremely large data sets need to be processed and analyzed. "In cooperation with selected industrial users of the Stuttgart region, we will test the capabilities of the hardware and software in an industrial environment. It is very important to us to find a practical solution, which eventually users from all kinds of industries can benefit from", explains Prof. Dr. Michael M. Resch, Director of HLRS.

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