Honorary Golden Spike Awards for HLRS veterans

19 October 2016

On October 13, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the HLRS, the HLRS steering committee awarded the highest honor – the Honorary Golden Spike – to three of the HLRS veterans who have helped create and foster the HLRS.

The first award was given to Prof. Egon Krause. He had served as the chairman of the HLRS steering committee since the inauguration of the HLRS and had taken a leading role in establishing the HLRS as one of the world’s leading centers in HPC. Prof. Egon Krause supported the development of the HLRS in many ways. Especially to be emphasized is that he had a leading part in shaping the role of the HLRS as a center that does not reduce itself to operating systems but works actively with its users to provide the best possible HPC solution to real world problems.

The second honoree is Prof. Willi Jäger who acted as the deputy chairman of the HLRS from the very beginning. He only recently retired from the steering committee. Prof. Jäger held up the flag of applied mathematics and helped to bring to the fore the power of applied and numerical mathematics. The third award was given to Uwe Küster who has been with the HPC group at Stuttgart since 1986 and was a key figure in setting up the center in 1995/1996. All three scientists have always assumed roles of vital importance for the HLRS for which the HLRS shall be forever grateful to them.