New literature from HLRS

New literature from HLRS: Tools for High Performance Computing 2015

02 November 2016

Scientists of the HLRS and the Technische Universität Dresden published a new book on parallel tools for HPC. The publication introduces tools that aid application developers in the context of debugging, performance analysis, and code optimization, and therefore make a major contribution to the development of robust and efficient parallel software.

The basis for the book were the latest advances in this field discussed at the „9th International Workshop on Parallel Tools for High Performance Computing“ in September 2015 in Dresden, Germany. This workshop takes place every year and as a platform for developers, users and operators of computer centers it serves the scientific exchange and the presentation of news, extensions and experience reports in the field of parallel programming tools.

The publication is available as an eBook. For more information and further HLRS publications visit our section „Media & Publications“.