HLRS & CRAY Team up to Develop High Performance Data Analytics Solutions

15 November 2016

At HLRS, a project is underway to combine high performance computing and high performance data analytics to expand the Center’s capabilities in automotive manufacturing. HLRS, which works in close collaboration with its industrial partners in the aerospace and automotive industries, will acquire two Urika-GX systems to help drive more predictive maintenance by implementing IoT style analytics with complex, large-scale modeling workloads.

“In the automotive industry, high performance computing and data analytics play an important role in product development, and with the progress of digitization, even larger and more complex data sets are generated that cannot be analyzed using conventional methods,” said Prof. Dr. Michael Resch, director of HLRS. “In cooperation with Cray and industrial users in the region, we are testing the possible applications of hardware in industrial environments, and the Urika-GX system will play an important role for us as we work to find a practical solution.”

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