HLRS Sustainability Workshop at Schloss Rosenstein

14 December 2016

On 13 December 2016, the Heads of Departments of HLRS joined a Sustainability Workshop at the Natural History Museum Schloss Rosenstein organized by the HLRS Sustainability Team and the “Akademie für Natur- und Umweltschutz Baden-Württemberg”.

In her welcoming speech Sabine Eger (HLRS) looked back on six years of Sustainability Workshops for Heads of Departments and the three-year Project “Sustainability in HPC Centers”. She highlighted milestones of this project, such as the training and awareness-raising for sustainability of HLRS employees in annual workshops, the development of the HLRS Sustainability Policy and the publication of the first HLRS Sustainability Report.

This was followed by a presentation from Prof. Dr. Friedhelm Göltenboth, University of Hohenheim and NatureLife-International on "Thoughts on Environmental Communication, Sustainable Development and Modern Media". He emphasized that our relationship to nature is becoming more distant and the knowledge about nature is worryingly decreasing. We are no longer aware of the value of nature, e.g. of a living tree. He pointed out the necessity to promote the reconciliation of ecology and economy. He closed by saying “The nature does not need humans, but humans need the nature.”

The workshop was concluded by a guided tour on “Energy Efficiency in the Evolutionary Context” by Ulrich Schmid, Deputy Director of the Museum.