Varieties of modelling in technoscience: the case of synthetic biology

03 March 2017

Interdisciplinary workshop and winter school. Darmstadt, March 5-10, 2017

HLRS is part of a winter school on “Varieties of Modeling in Technoscience: The Case of Synthetic Biology”. The aim of this winter school is to exchange ideas and engage with a wide spectrum of modeling approaches - and how they come together in an exemplary research project:  TU Darmstadt's CompuGene project. CompuGene seeks to genetically implement electronic circuitry: The computer learns to simulate biological processes and teaches biological structures to simulate a computer.The workshop and Winter School is organized by Tarja Knuuttila (University of South Carolina) and Alfred Nordmann (TU Darmstadt). It brings together i) philosophers of science with an interest in the history, theory, and practice of modeling, ii) the modeling teams of the CompuGene project, and iii) graduate students and post-docs from philosophy, STS, biology, the engineering sciences.