New HLRS Training Center starts Operation

17 March 2017

The new training center of the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) started operation on March 7 with staff of HLRS moving into new offices and the training room becoming available within a few days. The center piece of the 2,003 sqm large complex, which seamlessly has been added as an extension to the existing HLRS building, is a 254 sqm large training room featuring state-of-the-art IT equipment.

The new HLRS training center provides excellent facilities for the various types of HPC and IT trainings offered by HLRS. With the adjoining HPC computing room, which hosts one of the fastest supercomputers world-wide, and with first-class visualization facilities right next door, trainees are not only educated at a prime HPC facility but enjoy the special advantage of having quick access to highly skilled HPC experts who, on request, are available for all kind of support and guidance. With more than 1000 trainees attending courses in 2016 and about 400 attendees in workshops, the HLRS to date is already Europe's largest training institution for high-performance computing. Plans to take this one step further are in the making. New training concepts targetting a clientele beyond the traditional scientific community have lately been designed and are ready to be launched. "As a scientific research institution, it is HLRS's duty to foster science and research. However, we also have the mission to transfer know-how from science to industry. This is why we engage in new initiatives that include training programs tailored also for non-scientific users, specifically for engineers who need to add simulation to their skills in the many engineering companies in the region of Stuttgart" emphasizes Prof. Michael M. Resch, Director of the HLRS.