New workshops and courses at HLRS this spring and summer

30 March 2017

This spring and summer HLRS is running another cycle of courses and workshops in Computational Science. The training programme targets both beginners and advanced users of HPC and allows for exchange of knowledge among the participants.

Apart from trainings in programming languages like Fortran, HLRS also delivers courses in parallel programming models and middleware. These courses aim at developing a thorough understanding of the interactions between software and hardware and highlight different performance engineering approaches on the compute node level.

Finally, the course „Scientific Visualization“ in May, is for everyone who would like to learn how to visualize their simulation results on a desktop but also in augmented reality and virtual environments.

27 Apr 17 Node-Level Performance Engineering Registration: 09 Apr
29 May 17 Cluster Workshop Registration: 02 May
31 May 17 Scientific Visualisation Registration: 30 Apr
12 Jun 17 Introduction to Hybrid Programming in HPC Registration: 14 May
29 Jun 17 Introduction to Unified Parallel C (UPC) and Co-array Fortran (CAF) Registration: 05 Jun