16th Workshop on Scalable Global Parallel File Systems

30 March 2017

The 16th Workshop on Scalable Global Parallel File Systems will take place at HLRS from April 3 until April 5.

This year's workshop will try and present the major issues and developments associated with the evolution of global parallel file systems in the direction of persistent storage close to the processing units. The challenge covers first solutions using this storage for buffering down to a potential future architecture where all data is stored in such kind of memory distributed all over the system. As this memory shall be byte addressable and all the data is directly usable by the application, we name this Memory Class Storage. This covers all hardware and software solutions as well as envisaged approaches which are required for such am envisaged system.This includes challenges of big data analytics, analysis and discovery as well as the whole data life cycle from data generation to data archival especially on high performance systems.


The workshop agenda can be found here.