Graduate Students Present New HPC Research

23 May 2017

On May 18, graduate students working at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) gathered once again for Doctoral Seminar Day.

The seminar meets regularly over the course of the year, offering a forum for doctoral students and their advisors to share updates on their research projects and progress toward their degrees. Presentations focused on a variety of themes related to high-performance computing.

Twenty-five participants, including doctoral candidates from the HLRS, their advisors, external attendees from the Hochschule für Technik (HFT) and from industry, as well as interested postdocs met for a full day in the Internationales Begegnungszentrum (IBZ) im Eulenhof, a conference facility located in the converted villa of renowned German rocket engineer and aerospace technologist Professor Dr.-Ing. Eugen Sänger.

Presenters discussed research on a range of topics, including methods for investigating the numerical precision of simulations, strategies for optimizing simulations for high-performance computers, and questions related to the future management of the constantly increasing masses of research data that HPC simulations produce.

Over the course of the day, many exciting discussions took place in small and large groups, once again showing the value of the graduate seminar as a platform for exchanging new ideas.

Christoph Niethammer