New Publication: Tools for High-Performance Computing 2016

31 May 2017

The book presents the proceedings of the 10th annual International Parallel Tools Workshop, a conference that brought together high-performance computing (HPC) users and developers of software tools to discuss the state of the art in parallel computer programming.

Held at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) in October 2016 and co-organized with the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing of the Technical University of Dresden (ZIH-TUD), the workshop focused on the changing nature of the HPC tools landscape. By bringing users and developers together in the same workshop, the event aimed to increase users' understanding of parallel programming tools while also providing developers valuable insights into users' needs. Ultimately, the goal of the event was to promote best practices and the most efficient use of HPC resources.

Tools for High-Performance Computing 2016 is based on the awareness that high-performance computing is playing an increasingly important role in numerical simulation and modelling in both academic and industrial research. At the same time, however, the efficient use of large-scale parallel systems is becoming more difficult. In response, the high-performance computing community has developed a number of tools for parallel program development and analysis over the last decade, and what may have started as collection of small helper scripts has now matured into production-grade frameworks. Some of these tools have been commercialized, while others are operated on an open source basis by a growing research community. Powerful user interfaces and an extensive body of documentation also allow easy usage by non-specialists.

The essays collected in the book cover a variety of recent developments aimed at helping users and tool developers to manage the unique challenges of computing on HPC systems.

The book is available for purchase from the publisher here. For more information about this and other HLRS publications, visit Media & Publications.