HLRS and KISTI Renew Collaboration Agreement

21 July 2017

Meeting at HLRS headquarters, staff from the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart and the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information (KISTI) signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) pledging continuing cooperation on research and training projects.

The renewed MOU focuses on the development and integration of visualization and simulation packages — COVISE and HEMOS — created by the two centers, among other research priorities.

Located in Daejon, South Korea, KISTI is the country’s national supercomputing center. It is currently installing a new supercomputer with an anticipated peak performance of 30 Petaflops, which would place it among the fastest supercomputers in the world.

The agreement between HLRS and KISTI was signed at HLRS headquarters by KISTI President Dr. Sun-Hwa Hahn and HLRS Director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Resch on July 21. It renews the organizations’ previous agreement and identifies a number of opportunities for future collaborative activities including:

  • development of numerical algorithms for computational applications in astronomy, chemistry, meteorology, nanotechnology and other fields
  • design of computer-aided engineering software for structural analysis and computational fluid dynamics
  • establishment of supercomputing infrastructure based on both hardware and cloud technologies
  • application of parallel computing technologies to visualization
  • use of immersive visualization including augmented and virtual reality technologies in computational applications and system development
  • education and technology transfer programs, including workshops, courses, and staff exchanges

One specific project that HLRS and KISTI are currently carrying out is the integration of COVISE, a virtual reality visualization software package developed at HLRS, into KISTI’s simulation platform, HEMOS.

The memorandum of understanding between HLRS and KISTI will be effective for five years, ending in 2022.

 -Christopher Williams