Annual Report

Cover: HLRS Annual Report 2019

Annual Report 2019

The HLRS 2019 Annual Report provides a wealth of information about our activities over the past year. Highlights include a look at steps HLRS has been taking to seize new opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, spotlights on new collaborations, programs, and technologies at the center, and reports on applications of HLRS computing resources for scientific discovery and industrial research.


Director's Welcome


  • Preparing for the AI Future

News & Highlights

  • News in Brief
  • HLRS Certified for Environmental Responsibility
  • A New Supercomputer for Artificial Intelligence
  • LandesCloud to Offer Secure, Cloud-Based AI as a Service for Industry
  • HiDALGO: High-Performance Data Analytics for Addressing Global Challenges
  • New Visions for HPC and the Media Arts
  • International Workshop Looks at Trends in Industrial HPC Usage
  • HLRS Helps SWR Develop Music Recommendation Software
  • The Society of Learning Algorithms
  • New Digital Tools for Urban Planning
  • Shining Light on Dark Data
  • User Support Staffers Get Closer to Codes
  • Inspiring Students to Explore Simulated Worlds
  • Collaboration with Dräger to Design Safer Operating Rooms
  • PhD Graduates 2019

HLRS by the Numbers

User Research

  • HLRS Supercomputer Helps Generate First Image of a Black Hole
  • Simulations Help Researchers Peer Inside Combustion Processes
  • Using HPC to Improve Wind Turbine Design
  • Selected Publications
  • HLRS Books

About HLRS

  • Inside Our Computing Room
  • User Profile
  • Third-Party Funded Research Projects
  • HPC Training Courses in 2019
  • Workshops and Conferences 2019
  • Structure
  • Divisions and Departments