Cover InSiDE Spring 2018

Innovatives Supercomputing in Deutschland - Innovative Supercomputing in Germany

InSiDE is published twice a year by The GAUSS Centre for Supercomputing (HLRS, LRZ, JSC). It includes information about events in supercomputing in Germany and gives an outlook on workshops in the field.

Readers are invited to participate in these workshops which are part of the PRACE Advanced Training Centres (PATCs) and hence are open to all European researchers.


News Events

  • End of an Era at Jülich Supercomputing Centre as JUQEEN End-of-Life approaches
  • Jülich Supercomputing Centre starts deployment of JUWELS
  • SuperMUC-NG: In the Service of Science
  • JURECA Booster starts Operation
  • Sociopolitical Advisory Board to Help Guide HLRS Vision
  • Human Brain Project Successfully Enters the Next Phase
  • Leibniz Supercomputing Centre Named as A Bavarian Big Data Competence Centre
  • Designing for Energy Efficiency in HPC Centers
  • Navigating A Post-Moore’s-Law World
  • Fenix Consortium to build a Federated Data and Computing Infrastructure for the Human Brain Project and other communities
  • GPU Hackathon Dresden 2018
  • The Promise and Perils of Simulation in the Social Sciences
  • HLRS Strengthens Collaborations in Asia
  • Cosmologists Create Largest Simulation of Galaxy Formation, Break Their Own Record
  • Researchers Create Largest, Longest Multiphysics Earthquake Simulation to Date
  • Researchers Compute Their Way to the Centre of the Earth


  • Optimization and HPC-Applications of the Flow Solver FLOWer
  • Automated Code Generation for Maximizing Performance of Detailed Chemistry Calculations in OpenFOAM
  • Simulating the Emergence of Cosmic Structures
  • Data Assimilation with the Integrated Terrestrial Systems Modeling Platform, TerrSysMP-PDAF
  • Rapidly Rotating Convection in Geophysical Systems
  • Cavitation Erosion in Injection Systems
  • Secondary Circulations at an Isolated Semi-Arid Forest
  • SMITH: Smart Medical Information Technology for Healthcare
  • Mikelangelo Bringing HPC into the Cloud
  • Integrated Services for the European Open Science Cloud
  • MYX: MUST Correctness Checking for YML and XMP Programs
  • MoeWE Project Opens Supercomputing-Akademie


  • ORPHEUS–Fire Safety in the Underground
  • EU H2020 CoE Performance Optimization and Productivity (POP) Successfully Finished
  • TELEMAC - A hydrodynamic solver for HPC?

Centers Systems Trainings

  • Leibniz Supercomputing Centre (LRZ)
  • Höchstleistungsrechenzentrum Stuttgart (HLRS)
  • Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC)
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