Communications & Industrial Trainings


The Communications & Industrial Trainings (COIN) department of HLRS is responsible for the following:

(1) Communications
The Communications Group supervises and executes HLRS’s communication to the general public and the media. It is the central point of contact for all questions regarding the institute and its scientific work. It produces communication vehicles promoting the broad range of scientific and engineering disciplines supported by the HLRS supercomputing infrastructure and to present achieved results, new findings, and insights gained.

(2) Industrial Trainings

The Industrial Trainings Group of HLRS designs and offers trainings and workshops specifically tailored for representatives of non-scientific institutions, e. g. of industry and services. By sharing its comprehensive IT expertise with this new target clientele and by offering extensive support, the HLRS Industrial Trainings Group aims at generating extended interest in HPC technologies and HPC solutions beyond its traditional circle of scientific users and to generally strengthen HPC’s position and acceptance in the overall market.

Head of Department:
Dr. Jutta Oexle