Philosophy of Science & Technology of Computer Simulation

Simulation, Science and Society

Simulations are the result of a scientific activity and an artistic practice (in the sense of a technē). The tension between scientific models and technical ingenuity, between the claims about exactitude, validity, and certainty on the one hand, and the necessities of intelligently dealing with technical conditions, epistemic uncertainty, and forms of visual representation on the other, typically characterize the process of simulation. Understanding them is of key importance for social expectations as well as political decisions based on simulations.

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The Science and Art of Simulation

The international and interdisciplinary workshop series “The Science and Art of Simulation” deal with the tension between science and engineering, proof and experience, transparency and ruse in computer simulation, mathematics and politics. This workshop takes place at the HLRS Stuttgart every autumn. There, computer scientists, engineers, historians, and social scientists meet philosophers researching the science and art of simulation. Contributions are expected to be published in a series of books by Springer.

SAS Workshop '21 16-17.2.2021

Seminar Program "Thinking about Information"

The goal of the seminar „Ideas of Computer Technology” is a better understanding of the changes in thinking and structures of communication ushered in by the formalisms and products of information technology. The seminar program should be of particular interest to students and staff in technical fields, but representatives of other academic orientations are also very welcome; the course will lay the foundation for the development of mutual understanding. It takes place once a semester and consists of more or less three up to four meetings.

Overview of events in the seminar program "Thinking about Information"

Workshop "Transforming Society - Transforming Simulation"

Philosophical reflection upon scientific practices has to keep track of new developments in the relevant fields. Therefore, this workshop aims at discussing our current research in the philosophy of computer simulations with selected scientists and practitioners. Our guests are involved in small group discussions and are invited to give a public lecture at the HLRS.

TranSim Summer Workshop 2016




Distinguished scientists revisit in this lecture series a controversy that arose over one of their publications. The lectures are recorded and available on-line.