bwVisu - A Scalable Service for Remote Visualization of Scientific Data

Numeric simulations are essential to many scientific disciplines. Scientific visualization, data mining and information visualization are vital tools for leveraging these simulations to gain insight. Only the ever increasing compute power allows to fulfill higher requirements towards precision of these simulations together with the larger data sizes during visualization.

Centralization and shared use of visualization resources makes the costs for procurement and operation of these systems sustainable. The classic idea of remote visualization developed in this context. It comprises a central powerful compute and visualization architecture and streaming of images to a remote workplace. Two well-established approaches mark the extremes of what can be imagined in this context: streaming of images on the one hand, and transferring data with subsequent local post-processing and rendering on the other. bwVisu provides powerful visualization resources to scientific institutions in Baden-Württemberg. The objective is the development of a service for remote visualization of scientific data. Cloud technologies will ensure high scalability.

[bwVisu2 is funded by the Ministry for Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg (MWK)]

Project Details

Funding AgencyMinistry of Science, Research and Arts (Baden-Wuerttemberg)
Runtime01.11.2017 - 31.10.2020