SERRANO - Transparent Application Development in a Secure, Accelerated and Cognitive Cloud Continuum

We are witnessing a wave of emerging cloud computing technologies and services that empower advanced applications from different vertical sectors, with diverse requirements.

SERRANO integrates an ecosystem of novel hardware and software technologies and methodologies towards an application-optimized and secure service instantiation. SERRANO supports the creation of disaggregated computing infrastructures for processing and storing in the edge, close to the end-users and respective devices, while it goes in several directions many steps further, enabling infrastructure-agnostic application development and deployment, utilizing integrated edge, cloud, HPC infrastructures. Achieving the above targets will guarantee SERRANO strong innovation potential in a wide number of real-world applications from different markets.

Project Details

Funding AgencyEU project SERRANO - DLV-101017168; CALL: H2020-ICT-2020-2
Runtime01.01.2020 - 31.12.2022

Project Partners

  • Institute of Communication and Computer Systems, Greece
  • Mellanox Technologies Ltd, Israel
  • Chocolate Cloud ApS, Denmark
  • University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • Aristotelio Panepistimio Thessalonikis, Greece
  • INTRASOFT International SA,  Luxembourg
  • Inbestme Europe Agencia de Valores S.A., Spain
  • Innovation Acts Limited, Cyprus
  • IDEKO S COOP, Spain
  • Universitatea de Vest din Timişoara, Romania
  • Nubificus Ltd, United Kingdom