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plugIT  - "Plug Your Business Into IT"  - Business and IT Alignment using a Model-Based Plug-in Framework

The plugIT project is based on the observation of the necessity to align Business and Information Technology (IT) as well as the role change of IT from an enabler to an industrial sector. plugIT aims to develop the IT-Socket that realizes the vision of "plugging" business into IT in a way similar to the one used to provide electricity via a socket to any device that can be plugged in. This challenge can be taken up by capitalizing on semantic technologies for IT Governance. With regard to the HLRS use case scenario, the Online Proposal Submission process including the generation of Service Level Agreements and allocation of compute resources is envisaged.
In plugIT the Next Generation Modelling Framework is developed which relies on research advances yielding the following benefits:

  • A tighter involvement of domain experts is made possible to express formal and semi-formal knowledge via the use of graphical modelling languages,
  • Different graphical modelling languages for different views and different levels of formal expressiveness can be used,
  • Domain specific notations for semantics are introduced by merging formal concepts of semantics with graphical notations.

On top of simplifying modelling efforts, the IT Socket will provide compliance checks and reporting mechanisms for computer centers, and orchestration and governance tools (semantic workflows, agents) by integrating semantics into legacy applications.
Within the plugIT project, HLRS is one out of three use case partners that make use of the plugIT IT Socket. HLRS provides models for an Online Proposal Submission (OPS) process whose objective is to generate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that present the agreed proposal to customers requesting the use of HLRS compute resources. The plugIT IT Socket supports the whole process of creating a proposal and generating SLAs thanks to its semantic kernel which make use of the models combined with required semantic information.

Project Details

Funding AgencyEU-FP7
Runtime01.03.2009 - 31.08.2011
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Axel Tenschert