For the sustainable development of our High Performance Computer Center Stuttgart, it is our responsibility to provide our services with minimal energy consumption within the bounds of technical and economic possibility. Continuous improvement of energy efficiency is a precondition for this purpose.

  • We implement an energy management system and define strategic and operational targets to optimize our energy balance and measures to achieve them. The adherence to energy targets will be regularly checked and documented based on the energy performance indicators.
  • The achievement of the energy management system targets will be obtained by transparent information and the provision of resources (manpower, special skills, technical and financial means).
  • We pay attention to economical energy consumption for the operation and purchase of devices, especially of high performance computers and cooling facilities and for the provision of services.
  • We actively involve our employees in our energy management system. They are informed regularly about targets and measures of the energy management system and its achievements. The employees have the possibility to advance new ideas for saving energy.
  • We train our employees regularly in energy-conscious behavior and encourage them to carry these goals out.

Board resolution of June 14, 2016