Corporate Responsibility for Sustainable Action

The HLRS of the University of Stuttgart, as a service center, takes its responsibility for sustainable development seriously:

  • We are committed to continuous improvement of environmental and climate protection. Therefore, we want to ensure compliance with the relevant legal requirements.
  • We are in the process of defining sustainability targets and measures.
  • We plan to establish and maintain a documented management system for sustainability and monitor the status of our sustainability and environmental performance regularly.

Responsible Handling of Resources and Prevention of Pollution

  • We want to focus on economical and efficient use of all resources.
  • We intend to use the best available technology to optimize the cooling and power supply of the high performance computer as long as it is economical.
  • We want to use the waste heat economically and ecologically.
  • We aim to make sure that the technology implemented is re-useable and recyclable.
  • We place importance on sustainable purchasing and waste management.
  • We try to reduce negative impacts on the environment and health.
  • Within the scope of our influence, we want to use environment-friendly materials for new buildings and renovation projects.
  • We want to create good conditions for the fauna and flora in our green area.

Research and Teaching

High-performance computing facilitates the saving of energy and resources.

  • We want to redouble our efforts to get more orders and research projects focused on sustainability.
  • We intend to support simulation research in the fields of energy, health, mobility and environment and contribute to these fields.
  • We want to transfer our knowledge and experience in the field of sustainability through academic teaching.
  • We plan to, in particular, transfer our knowledge of the energy-efficient use of computing systems.

Sensitization and Involvement of the Employees

  • We want to promote a way of thinking and acting that is sustainable and contributes to environmental protection at the HLRS.
  • We place particular emphasis on the teaching of sustainability issues as part of our internal and external training and development measures.
  • We involve our employees in the identification of our sustainability targets.

Working Situation and Health Protection

  • We plan to increase the healthiness of our employees through the health program of the University of Stuttgart.
  • We want to create a family-friendly working environment.
  • We intend to ensure stable and long-term employment for our employees.

Role Model Function and Regular Information

  • We intend to act as a role model for other high- performance computer centers with our commitment to sustainability.
  • We want to maintain an open dialog with our stakeholders. Therefore, we want to publish a sustainability report regularly.

Board resolution of August 5, 2015