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simpulseday greenCAE

ascs LogoWith the simpulseday greenCAE the asc(s will put the focus on the significant contribution of state-of-the art computer technology on the way to environmentally friendly vehicles for an entire day. We want to highlight future challenges and build the bridge to the development of simulation and HPC methods.

porsche-concept-study-mission-e-interior-design This event will be a cornerstone for the development of a greenCAE strategy, and the asc(s, being an internationally established interest group, will implement it in a responsible manner amongst its members in the years to come. The greenCAE strategy serves as a roadmap for outstanding project plans and innovative developments. The event’s target audience are decision-makers in politics and mobility, managers in the automotive industry, development engineers, scientists and all interested parties in the field of virtual vehicle development.

Topical key points:

  • Lightweight Design
  • Alternative Drives
  • Autonomous Driving & Intelligent Mobility Concepts
  • Data Analytics & HPC

Event location:
Flachter Str. 60
71287 Weissach