VSC Training Course: Shared memory parallelization with OpenMP

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VSC Training Course: Shared memory parallelization with OpenMP


The focus of this 2 days course is on shared memory parallelization with OpenMP for dual-core, multi-core, shared memory, and ccNUMA platforms. This course teaches OpenMP starting from a beginners level. Hands-on sessions (in C and Fortran) will allow users to immediately test and understand the OpenMP directives, environment variables, and library routines. Race-condition debugging tools are also presented.

This course is organized by the Vienna Scientific Cluster (VSC), TU Wien in cooperation with HLRS. It is based on the HLRS OpenMP course.

For further information see: http://vsc.ac.at/training/2017/OpenMP


Here is the preliminary course outline.


Unix and C or Fortran


Lukas Einkemmer (lectures+practicals; Department of Mathematics, University of Innsbruck),
Claudia Blaas-Schenner and Irene Reichl (practicals only; VSC Team, TU Wien)



Date, Time and Location

08. - 09.06.2017, 09:00 - 16:40,
FH Internet-Raum FH1 (TU Wien, Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10, ground floor, red area)


Registration form

Extended registration period is from May 4 until May 23, 2017, without priority rules and only as long as seats are available.


VSC users: none
Students and members of Austrian universities and public research institutes: none
Students and members of other universities and public research institutes: 120 €
Others: 400 €

Information about payment will be provided with the confirmation email.

The course fee includes also a copy of the handouts and coffee breaks (lunch is not included).

Handouts / Slides
Handouts / Slides

Each participant will get a paper copy of all slides.



Claudia Blaas-Schenner, vsc-seminar@list.tuwien.ac.at

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