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SAS Workshop

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Simulations are the result of a scientific activity and an artistic practice (in the sense of a techn?). The tension between scientific models and technical ingenuity, between the claims about exactitude, validity, and certainty on the one hand, and the necessities of intelligently dealing with technical conditions, epistemic uncertainty, and forms of visual representation on the other, typically characterize the processes of simulation. Understanding them is of key importance for social expectations as well as political decisions based on simulations. These considerations outline the main themes of the new workshop series The Science and Art of Simulation (SAS). Every fall, beginning this year, an international and interdisciplinary workshop will take place at the HLRS-Stuttgart. There, computer scientists, engineers, historians, and social scientists will meet philosophers researching the science and art of simulation. Contributions are expected to be published in a series of books by Springer.


The first workshop is divided into four session: basic lines of a philosophy of simulation, extending our knowledge over the uncertain, transforming thinking in the medium of simulation, politics and simulation: a non-trivial relationship.



Organizing Committee

Prof. Dr. Michael Resch, HLRS, University of Stuttgart
Dr. Andreas Kaminski, HLRS, University of Stuttgart
Dr. Juan M. Durán, HLRS, University of Stuttgart