Research Access to the National Supercomputers at HLRS

Research Access to the National Supercomputers at HLRS through Review Procedure

Available Platforms

HPE Apollo (Hawk)


Eligible are applications from publicly funded academic and research institutions in Germany that might have project partners from Europe. For European consortia the application procedure is via PRACE.

For dedicated questions concerning access with a specific application or for a specific scientific field, please get in touch with one of our contact persons.

Review Process

According to the decisions of the steering committee, the process of proposal submission and review follows the following procedure:

  1. Online Project Proposal Submission to HLRS in accordance with the Guidelines
  2. Forward to the respective referee of the Steering Committee
  3. Selection of two reviewers by the referee
  4. Review and return of review report
  5. Final decision by the referee
  6. Selection of a project-supervisor at HLRS or a competence center and start of project for accepted proposals

Due to the nature of the review process, the turnaround of a proposal from submission to final approval is at least 3 weeks.

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