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Proposal Submission

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These application forms are intended for German institution lead proposals that might have partners from Europe. For European consortia the application procedure is via PRACE.

Report Submission

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For each project that uses resources of the HLRS a progress and results report is required every year. These reports are collected by HLRS and are reviewed by the steering committee with respect to scientific relevance and supercomputer performance. Selected contributions are presented as talks or posters at the annual "Results and Review Workshop of the HLRS" and are collected in the proceedings published by Springer Verlag.  The report should cover all significant efforts and results of the project since the last reporting period. It should be written as a scientific paper with an emphasis on the usage and benefit of supercomputing resources.

Trouble Ticket Submission form

On this page, you can report any kind of issues with the HPC resources of the HLRS.

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